Funeral Music

Many people have a favourite piece of music which their loved ones would like to play during a funeral service as a tribute to them.  Depending on where the funeral will be held, we will guide you through the choices available to you.

Church funerals

If you are holding a funeral in church, the celebrant will often help you to select the hymns and music of your choice as part of the process of planning the Mass or service.  We are also able to provide you with examples of popular pieces of music and hymns for you to choose from.  If you would like musicians or singers to perform at the funeral, we can recommend trusted performers and make all the arrangements on your behalf.  Some churches place restrictions on the type of music which can be played as part of a funeral – we will guide you as to what is and what is not permissible.

Funerals at a crematorium

If you have chosen to hold a service at a crematorium, there are typically no restrictions as to the type of music allowed.  Families usually provide their own music for a service, which we can do on your behalf.  Mount Jerome Crematorium, for example, is able to play cassettes, CDs or MP3 players and can also download / stream music from iTunes or another online music provider.


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