Religious Funeral

Where a family would like a religious funeral ceremony, much of the preparation of the content of the ceremony is often arranged directly with the celebrant.  This will include deciding on:

  • The people who will take part and the things they will do.
  • Favourite hymns or music.
  • Readings, poetry and prayers.
  • The removal.
  • The committal.

Cummins Funeral Directors are available to provide support and advice to the family as they decide how they would like the funeral ceremony to take place.

Where a family would like a religious ceremony for their loved one, but does not have a link with a church or other place of worship, we can assist in making the necessary arrangements.  We are also able to assist with advice on:

  • Popular hymns and music.
  • Suggested scripture readings and poetry.
  • Musicians and singers.
  • The design and print of a Mass booklet or Order of Service.
  • Recording of a favourite piece of music to be played at the ceremony.
  • Church flowers and floral tributes.

If you would like a religious ceremony to take place at a location other than a church or other place of worship, we will work with you to locate the best location for your needs and a celebrant.  We will also help you to agree the content of the ceremony providing as much advice as is required.

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